Why Cloud Standards Matter

Effective cloud data management and interoperability is critical for organizations looking to gain control and security over their cloud usage in hybrid and multicloud environments. The Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI™), also known as the ISO/IEC 17826 International Standard, is intended for application developers who are implementing or using cloud storage systems, and who are developing applications to manage and consume cloud storage. It specifies how to access cloud storage namespaces and how to interoperably manage the data stored in these namespaces. Standardizing the metadata that expresses the requirements for the data, leads to multiple clouds from different vendors treating your data the same.

First published in 2010, the CDMI standard (ISO/IEC 17826:2016) is now at version 2.0 and will be the topic of our webcast on December 9, 2020, “Cloud Data Management & Interoperability: Why A CDMI Standard Matters,” where our experts, Mark Carlson, Co-chair of the SNIA Technical Council and Eric Hibbard, SNIA Storage Security Technical Work Group Chair, will provide an overview of the CDMI standard and cover CDMI 2.0:

  • Support for encrypted objects
  • Delegated access control
  • General clarifications
  • Errata contributed by vendors implementing the CDMI standard

This webcast will be live and Mark and Eric will be available to answer your questions on the spot. We hope to see you there. Register today.

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