Live Stream: What’s Happening with Enterprise Hyperscaler Storage

What are the issues emerging for Hyperscalers and storage? Find out on March 10th when I’ll be presenting at Storage Field Day. The brainchild of Stephen Foskett, Storage Field Day brings together thought leaders to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format with a carefully selected delegate panel of independent bloggers, speakers, freelance writers, and other social media tech influencers.

As large enterprise customers take a queue from Hyperscalers like Google and Amazon and build their own storage systems using software defined storage and best-in-class commodity components, assembled in racks, a range of issues around drives, APIs and tail latency are emerging.

Join me on March 10th at 9:00 am PT via live stream to hear:

  • Increasing attention to the fast growing Hyperscaler storage market by drive and SDS vendors
  • Metrics for disk: IOPS, capacity, lower tail latency, security and lower TCO
  • The importance of tail latency and tail latency remediation
  • Current fractured approach of new features via RFP procurement does not scale
  • The impact on the supply chain
  • How the industry can respond to these technical requirements to promote adoption and standards for Hyperscaler storage
  • Case study – large global bank goes Hyperscaler

And keep an eye on Twitter during Storage Field Days for what we hope will be a lively debate on the issues raised during this Hyperscaler storage presentation.

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