Live Stream: What’s Happening with Enterprise Hyperscaler Storage

What are the issues emerging for Hyperscalers and storage? Find out on March 10th when I’ll be presenting at Storage Field Day. The brainchild of Stephen Foskett, Storage Field Day brings together thought leaders to share information and opinions in a presentation and discussion format with a carefully selected delegate panel of independent bloggers, speakers, freelance writers, and other social media tech influencers.

As large enterprise customers take a queue from Hyperscalers like Google and Amazon and build their own storage systems using software defined storage and best-in-class commodity components, assembled in racks, a range of issues around drives, APIs and tail latency are emerging.

Join me on March 10th at 9:00 am PT via live stream to hear:

  • Increasing attention to the fast growing Hyperscaler storage market by drive and SDS vendors
  • Metrics for disk: IOPS, capacity, lower tail latency, security and lower TCO
  • The importance of tail latency and tail latency remediation
  • Current fractured approach of new features via RFP procurement does not scale
  • The impact on the supply chain
  • How the industry can respond to these technical requirements to promote adoption and standards for Hyperscaler storage
  • Case study – large global bank goes Hyperscaler

And keep an eye on Twitter during Storage Field Days for what we hope will be a lively debate on the issues raised during this Hyperscaler storage presentation.

Join SNIA-CSI at the OpenStack Summit

Get the tips needed when implementing multiple cloud storage APIs. The SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) is hosting a Birds of a Feather session – Tips to Implementing Multiple Cloud Storage APIs at the OpenStack Summit in Paris on November 5th at 9:00 a.m. Room 212/213.

There are three main object storage APIs today; OpenStack’s Swift (open but not standardized), Amazon’s S3 (proprietary yet a defacto standard) and SNIA’s CDMI (an ISO standard). With three APIs to support, it might sound expensive or difficult to support all of them, yet not doing so could be costly when customers want innovation and industry standard solutions and interoperability in your product.

What about the similarities and differences between the APIs, and can they be reconciled? Can these APIs be effectively and efficiently implemented in a single product? I hope you’ll join us at this session to learn about and discuss various ways to cope with this situation. You will discover best practices and tips on how to implement these three protocols in your cloud storage solution.

Register now. I look forward to seeing you on November 5th at the OpenStack Summit.



What the CSI is Up to at SDC

What the Cloud Storage Initiative Is Doing At SDC

The SNIA Storage Developer Conference (SDC) is less than a week away. We’re looking forward to the conference and in particular want to make note of some exciting news and events that pertain to work the CSI is doing to promote standards that will increase the adoption, interoperability and portability of data stored in the cloud.

SDC Conference session: Introducing CDMI v1.1 – Tuesday, September 16th, 1:00 p.m. by David Silk. This session introduces the new CDMI 1.1 and provides an overview of capabilities the Technical Work Group have added to the standard, and what CDMI implementers need to know when moving from CDMI 1.0.2 to CDMI 1.1.

Cloud Interoperability Plugfest – Participants at the 12th Cloud Interoperability Plugfest will be testing the interoperability of their cloud storage interfaces based on CDMI. We always have a large showing of CDMI implementations at this event, but are also looking for implementations of Amazon S3, and OpenStack Swift, Cinder and Manila interfaces.

It’s not too late to register for this Plugfest. Find out how here.

SDC 2014 is going to be exciting and educational. It’s “one stop shopping” for IT professionals who focus on the tools, technologies and developments needed for understanding and implementing efficient data storage, management and security. The CSI hopes to see you there.


Join the Cloud Storage Movement at SNIA’s Winter Symposium 2011

Every year the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) has a gathering of their members in San Jose to coordinate the work of the various Technical Work Groups, Forums and Initiatives. This year the Symposium will take place January 24th – 27th, 2011 at the Sainte Claire Hotel in San Jose, CA. SNIA opens this Symposium to non-SNIA members who are evaluating membership, so feel free to attend. Please Register for the Symposium if you plan to be there in person.

SNIA Cloud Events

The Cloud Storage Technical Work Group (TWG) kicks off a multi-day face to face session starting at 1:00pm PT on Monday. We will be discussing the submission of CDMI for international standardization and continuing to discuss the scope of the next minor release (1.1) of CDMI. Topics include Federation and NoSQL among others. Bring your own ideas for how to improve CDMI. The full agenda has been posted publicly.

On Wednesday, the Cloud Storage Initiative will give an overview of their activities at a breakfast session starting at 8:30am. Then at noon on Wednesday, be sure and join us for the 2011 Activities Kickoff presentation in the Grande Ballroom. We will be showcasing all of the upcoming activities that you will want to be involved with over the next year. This session will be live streamed if you cannot make it in person. Regardless of whether you will be there in person or remote, please register for this update event (in addition to the Symposium registration above). More information.

Wednesday afternoon is the meeting of the Cloud Storage Initiative from 1-5pm (also in the Grande Ballroom). Be sure and join us and help plan the activities for the upcoming year.

Lastly, on Wednesday night there will be a Birds of Feather (BOF) session on a new group that is forming for the Archive and Preservation in the Cloud.

Whereas with Cloud Backup, the cloud is simply a repository of backup data, with Cloud Archive and Preservation, the Cloud is where the active processes occur that ensure long term retention, preservation and viability of data.
CDMI is uniquely designed to accommodate these needs with the Data System Metadata that it standardizes.
Cloud providers see the ability to offer more than just a best effort storage area with the promise of being the trusted steward of information for the long term.
Additional services such as eDiscovery and automatic format conversion can easily be offloaded to the cloud reducing costs.

Please join us Wednesday evening from 5:30pm – 7:00pm in the Grande Ballroom for a Birds of Feather session to kick off the formation of the CSI Archive/Preservation Special Interest Group (SIG). Light refreshments will be provided. If you would like to participate remotely, please use the following call in information:
Toll Free: 866-244-8528
Passcode: 510843#
Webex:, Meeting Name: Archive and Preservation SIG
Meeting Password: cloud2011

SNIA Cloud Activities for 2010

Given that it’s the middle of summer it may be hot where you are, but the SNIA Cloud activities are heating up for the remainder of this year, and you don’t want to be left out.

SNIA Summer Symposium

At the end of July every year SNIA hosts a Symposium in San Jose for all the groups. The Cloud Storage TWG will be meeting from Monday afternoon through Thursday morning. The agenda is posted publicly and non-SNIA members are encouraged to attend.

Also at the Symposium Monday night is a Birds of Feather (BOF) session where we will be doing a demo of CDMI and OCCI working together in a common infrastructure. There will be time for details on the implementation and discussion afterward.

Thursday morning will be a special session to update folks on the SNIA Cloud activities for the remainder of the year. Besides the in person session at the Symposium, the session will also be broadcast as an online Webinar for folks who cannot make it in person. More information and a registration link is available on the SNIA Website.

Storage Developer Conference

In September will be the annual Storage Developer Conference (SDC) and this year Cloud is a big part of the agenda. There will be a CDMI Plugfest throughout the week, a Cloud Hands on Lab for developers, and Cloud Tracks all week including some big cloud related keynotes. But *wait* there’s more. Following SDC at the same hotel on Thursday September 23rd will be the…

SNIA Cloud Burst Event

#alttext# This is an event that is squarely focused on Cloud Storage and brings together end users, cloud providers and storage vendors for a unique experience including demos, a showcase and in depth sessions on this part of the overall cloud industry. More information is available on the Cloud Burst page.

Storage Networking World

For the past two SNWs, there has been a Cloud Pavilion with great traffic and interest from the attendees for those that participate. At this fall’s SNW in Dallas, we will repeat this successful program with a limited number of slots. In addition we will again have a hands on lab for cloud that is always well attended (by end users only). If you are looking for a speaking opportunity, please consider being a sponsor of the cloud summit at SNW where end users come to learn about the cloud and the offerings that are available.

SNW Europe

Last year SNW Europe was a huge success for the SNIA Cloud Participants, with a year over year increase in record attendance. This year will see an increasing set of activities around the cloud, including a new Cloud Pavilion and Hands on Labs. There are a limited number of slots for these and they will sell out early. Included is an opportunity for a speaking engagement as well.

“Membership has it’s privileges”

Many of these opportunities are open only to Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) member companies. The membership fees help to fund these activities for the members and augment the work of the volunteers with paid resources. If you can help get your company involved, please contact Marty Foltyn ( for more information.

Enabling Cloud Service Brokerage

One of the most interesting use-cases for the pending SNIA CDMI Cloud Storage standard involves Cloud service brokerage.  Cloud Storage services in particular. The Peering capabilities enabled via CDMI will further facilitate the emergence of a new business category in Cloud Computing – The Cloud Broker.

Recently advocated by leading analyst firms, this role would mitigate key risks around the federation of various Cloud services.  Even the US Federal CIO has recently spoken out regarding this key characteristic of upcoming Government Cloud services and related NIST Cloud Computing standards.

Data integration, integrity, portability and security are among the many issues Cloud Brokers are tackling on behalf of Enterprise Cloud customers. See this diagram for some of the useful Cloud Storage relationships enabled by CDMI for configurations which would address these issues.

Members of the SNIA CDMI technical working group and Cloud Storage Initiative will be at SNW Orlando this week. (1. presenting vendor-neutral tutorials, 2. staffing the Cloud Storage pavilion in the Exhibit Area, 3. assisting the service providers in the Cloud Hands-on-Labs and 4. leading a Birds of a Feather (BoF) session on Cloud Storage)  See 2 posts below for full details.

Please drop by and share your thoughts with us on the role of Cloud Brokers – and any other Cloud Storage topic of interest to you!

SNIA Cloud Storage Initiative at Cloud Connect

If you’re in the Bay Area this week, come see the SNIA CSI at the Cloud Connect Event at the Santa Clara Convention Center March 15-18. Kingman Tang, Greg Kleiman, Ray Clarke, and Marty Foltyn of the CSI will be in Booth 504 with the latest information on the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) specification and CSI white papers on public, private, and hybrid clouds. We’ll also be checking out the conference tracks – stay tuned for any interesting findings.