Understanding Kubernetes in the Cloud

Ever wonder why and where you would want to use Kubernetes? You’re not alone, that’s why the SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative is hosting a live webcast on May 2, 2019 “Kubernetes in the Cloud.”

Kubernetes (k8s) is an open-source system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes promises simplified management of cloud workloads at scale, whether on-premises, hybrid, or in a public cloud infrastructure, allowing effortless movement of workloads from cloud to cloud. By some reckonings, it is being deployed at a rate several times faster than virtualization.

In this webcast, we’ll introduce Kubernetes and present use cases that make clear where and why you would want to use it in your IT environment. We’ll also focus on the enterprise requirements of orchestration and containerization, and specifically on storage aspects and best practices, discussing:

  • What is Kubernetes? Why would you want to use it?
  • How does Kubernetes help in a multi-cloud/private cloud environment?
  • How does Kubernetes orchestrate and manage storage?
  • Can Kubernetes use Docker?
  • How do we provide persistence and data protection?
  • Example use cases

We’re fortunate to have great experts for this session, Matt Baldwin, the founder and former CEO of Stackpoint Cloud and now with NetApp and Ingo Fuchs, Chief Technologist, Cloud and DevOps at NetApp.

I hope you will register today to join us on May 2nd. It’s live which means our expert presenters will be on-hand to answer your questions on the spot.

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