The Role of AIOps in IT Modernization

The almost overnight shift of resources toward remote work has introduced the need for far more flexible, dynamic and seamless end-to-end applications, putting us on a path that requires autonomous capabilities using AIOps – Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations.

It’s the topic that the SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative is going to cover on August 25, 2020 at our live webcast, “IT Modernization with AIOps: The Journey.” Our AI expert, Parviz Peiravi, will provide an overview of concepts and strategies to accelerate the digitalization of critical enterprise IT resources, and help architects rethink what applications and underlying infrastructure are needed to support an agile, seamless data centric environment. This session will specifically address migration from monolithic to microservices, transition to Cloud Native services, and the platform requirements to help accelerate AIOps application delivery within our dynamic hybrid and multi-cloud world.  â€¯ 

Join this webcast to learn: 

• Use cases and design patterns: Data Fabrics, Cloud Native and the move from Request Driven to Event Driven 

•    Foundational technologies supporting observability: how to build a more consistent scalable framework for governance and orchestration 

•    The nature of an AI data centric enterprise: data sourcing, ingestion, processing, and distribution 

This webcast will be live, so please bring your questions. We hope to see you on August 25th. Register today.

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