Moving Genomics to the Cloud

The study of genomics in modern biology has revolutionized the discovery of medicines and the COVID pandemic response has quickened genetic research and driven the rapid development of vaccines. Genomics, however, requires a significant amount of compute power and data storage to make new discoveries possible. Making sure compute and storage are not a roadblock for genomics innovations will be the topic of discussion at the SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative live webcast “Moving Genomics to the Cloud: Compute and Storage Considerations.”

This session will feature expert viewpoints from both bioinformatics and technology perspectives with a focus on some of the compute and data storage challenges for genomics workflows. 

We will discuss:

  • How to best store and manage large genomics datasets
  • Methods for sharing large datasets for collaborative analysis
  • Legal and ethical implications of storing shareable data in the cloud
  • Transferring large data sets and the impact on storage and networking

Join us for this live event on September 9, 2021 for a fascinating discussion on an area of technology that is rapidly evolving and changing the world.

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