Kubernetes at the Cloud, Data Center and Edge

The race to the cloud has been fast and furious. The ease and flexibility of turning on services when you want them, turning them off when you don’t, is an enticing prospect for developers as well as application deployment teams, but it has not been without its challenges. Many cite expanding costs, data sovereignty, or security as reasons for repatriation of workloads, but what about other factors, such as data gravity, latency, and extending workloads to the edge? Addressing these challenges will be front and center at our SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative (CSTI) webcast on November 10, 2022, “Kubernetes Trials & Tribulations: Cloud, Data Center, Edge.”

Kubernetes platforms offer a unique cloud-like experience — all the flexibility, elasticity, and ease of use — with the added benefit of a common user experience regardless of where it is deployed — on premises, in a private or public cloud, even at the edge. It also allows organizations to run different workloads on different underlying platforms by abstracting the system layer, creating a seamless hybrid and multi-cloud strategy. We even see more and more service providers offering Containers-as-a-Service regardless of where the physical infrastructure resides.

At this webcast, our panel of experts, Pete Brey, Nick Connolly and Michael St-Jean, will join me in a debate on these issues, discussing:

  • How are all these trends coming together?
  • Is cloud repatriation really a thing?
  • Where does the data live?
  • How is the data accessed?
  • What workloads are emerging?
  • How are traditional hardware vendors reinventing themselves?

I hope you will register here to join us on November 10th. If our panelists’ names look familiar, it’s because they convened this past summer to debate other key Kubernetes topics in our webcast, “Kubernetes is Everywhere: What About Cloud Native Storage?” That session was highly-rated by our audience and already has been viewed be more than 700 people. If you missed it, I encourage you to watch it on-demand at your convenience.

My colleagues and I look forward to seeing you on November 10th.

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