How COVID has Changed Data Privacy and Data Protection

The COVID-19 Pandemic has amplified cybersecurity concerns particularly related to the cloud. Threat actors have recognized a unique opportunity to exploit pandemic-related vulnerabilities through social engineering attacks, business email compromise, work from home and other remote weak points. This results in increased risk and occurrence of ransomware attacks and data breaches that can disrupt or totally compromise organizations’ ability to conduct business. These security incidents can also subject victims to liability for violations of privacy and data breach notification laws.

The SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative (CSTI) will be taking on this important topic with a live webcast on January 20, 2021, “Data Privacy and Data Protection in the COVID Era” where our SNIA experts will discuss:

  • The changing threat landscape due to COVID-19  
  • Common security failures and their consequences  
  • Recent attacker exploits  
  • Data protection concerns:
    • Strategies to combat malware
    • Minimizing ransomware risks
  • How emerging technologies (5G, IoT, AI, etc.) expand the threat landscape

Register today to learn key considerations to mitigate the cybersecurity risks resulting from the COVID pandemic.

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