Continuous Delivery: Cloud Software Development on Speed

It happens with more frequency these days. Two companies merge, and the IT departments breathe a small sigh of relief as they learn that they both use the same infrastructure software, though one is on-premises and one is in the cloud. Their relief slowly dissolves, as they discover that the cloud-provisioned workers are using features in the software that have yet to be integrated into the on-prem version. Now both have to adapt and it seems that no one is happy. 

So, what’s the best way to get these versions in sync? A Continuous Delivery model is increasingly being adopted to get software development on a pace to keep up with business demands. The Continuous Delivery model results in a development organization that looks much like current manufacturing processes with effective workers, modern machines, and a just-in-time inventory. Even large software companies are starting to embrace this cloud delivery methodology to create a continuous stream of new revisions.  

On April 20, 2021, the SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative will explore why Continuous Delivery is a valuable addition to the software development toolbox at our live webcast “Continuous Delivery: Cloud Software Development on Speed.”

By adapting some of the principles of modern manufacturing to software development, a Continuous Delivery methodology ensures that the product is streamlined in its feature set while building constant value to the customer via the cloud. Webcast attendees will learn:

  • Structuring development and testing resources for Continuous Delivery
  • A flexible software planning cycle for driving new features throughout the process
  • A set of simple guidelines for tracking success
  • Ways to ensure new features are delivered before moving to the next plan

Register today. Our expert speakers, Davis Frank, Co-creator of the Jasmine Test Framework & Former Associate Director at Pivotal Labs and Glyn Bowden, CTO, AI & Data Practice at HPE will be on hand to answer your questions.

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