Business Resiliency in a Kubernetes World

At the 2018 KubeCon keynote, Monzo Bank explained the potential risk of running a single massive Kubernetes cluster. A minor conflict between etcd and Java led to an outage during one of their busiest business days, prompting questions, like “If a cluster goes down can our business keep functioning?”  Understanding the business continuity implications of multiple Kubernetes clusters is an important topic and key area of debate.

It’s an opportunity for the SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative (CSTI) to host “A Multi-tenant Multi-cluster Kubernetes “Datapocalypse” is Coming” – a live webcast on June 23, 2020 where Kubernetes expert, Paul Burt, will dive into:

  • The history of multi-cluster Kubernetes
  • How multi-cluster setups could affect data heavy workloads (such as multiple microservices backed by independent data stores)
  • Managing multiple clusters
  • Keeping the business functioning if a cluster goes down
  • How to prepare for the coming “datapocalypse”

Multi-cluster Kubernetes that provides robustness and resiliency is rapidly moving from “best practice” to a “must have”. Register today to save your spot on June 23rd to learn more and have your questions answered.

Need a refresher on Kubernetes? Check out the CSTI’s 3-part Kubernetes in the Cloud series to get up-to-speed.

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