Achieving Data Literacy

We’re all spending our days living in the pandemic and understanding the cultural changes on a personal level.  That keening wail you hear is not some outside siren, it’s you staring out the window at the world that used to be.  But with all that, have you thought about the insight that you could be applying to your business?

If the pandemic has taught data professionals one essential thing, it’s this:  Data is like water when it escapes; it reaches every aspect of the community it inhabits. This fact becomes apparent when the general public has access to statistics, assessments, analysis and even medical journals related to the pandemic, at a scale never seen before.

But having access to data does not automatically grant the reader knowledge of how to interpret that data or the ability to derive insight. In fact, it can be quite challenging to judge the accuracy or value in that data.

Gaining insight to information in context that extends beyond just the facts presented and instead enables reasonable predictions and suppositions about new instances of that data requires a skill called data literacy. Join us on September 17, 2020 for a live SNIA Cloud Storage Technologies Initiative webcast “Using Data Literacy to Drive Insight” where we will explore the importance of data literacy and examine:

  • How data literacy is defined by the ability to interpret and apply context
  • How a data scientist approaches new data sources and the questions they ask of it
  • How to seek out supporting or challenging data to validate its accuracy and value for providing insight
  • How this impacts underlying information systems
  • How data platforms need to adjust to this purpose+ data eco-system where data sources are no longer single use

Register today for what is sure to be an “insightful” look at this important topic.

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