The Cloud Storage Initiative (CSI) is promoting the adoption of cloud storage as a new delivery model, that provides elastic, on-demand storage billed only for what is used.

Whether you are interested in public clouds or private clouds, or even hybrids in between, the CSI is interested in hearing from you.

The simplicity of the cloud means that some long held dreams of information management are finally coming true. The emphasis has moved from managing your storage to managing your data in the cloud:
What are the data requirements?
How do I express those requirements?
Will my cloud storage provider be able to meet them?

Enter the new Cloud Storage standard called CDMI (Cloud Data Management Interface). CDMI lets you tag your data with special metadata (data system metadata) that tells the cloud storage provider what data services to provide that data (backup, archive, encryption, etc). These data services all add value to the data you store in the cloud and by implementing a standard interface such as CDMI, you are free to move your data from cloud vendor to cloud vendor without the pain of recoding to different interfaces.